Bali Tours

8 Days 7 Nighst Package will bring you to a different experience through Bali country side. The highlight of this package is to see the northern coast of Bali, the dolphins, snorkeling at the best site located in the national park as well as the trekking to the authentic Bali at the real Balinese village and

The experience of sitting high a top an Elephant in a teak wood chair, feel like the king of the jungle on a unique 35 minutes unforgettable journey through tranquil forested areas. Finish the safari with an exciting elephant splash in the Park’s bathing lake.

Beyond Bali Tours

3 Days / 2 night Package Tour to Jogjakarta and start the experience by welcoming the sunirse at the top of Borobudur temple. Walk through the dark till themain stupa of Borobudur, then, enjoying the spectacular mysitical moment on the greatest buddhit temple when dawn.

Our purpose today is to see the Komodo Dragon. This largest living lizard on earth lives on 3 islands Rinca, Padar & Komodo and some parts of West Flores. Its length can go up to 3 meters with weight of up to 90 kilo.