Indonesia E-Visa B211A Visit Visa For Business Talk visit or Tourism visitor

Humanitarian activities, Volunteering, Family reunion, Business or Investment visit as well as Tourism Visit.

A Single Entry E-Visa is a type of visa provided for people who intend to visit Indonesia either for attending some kind of seminar, want to attend a short course or for people looking to the tour the beautiful places in the country.

This single entry visa, meaning once you enter Indonesia with Single Entry E-visa, you cannot go back and re-enter Indonesia with the same Single Entry E-Visa Indonesia.

Visa is valid for 60 days with the opportunity to extend 4 times each for 30 days with an extention fee.

Documents required to apply B211 E Visa Bali Indonesia:

  • Passports valid for at least 6 months at the date of entry
  • Bank Statement with minimum of USD 1500
  • Insurance/health insurance from original country or travel Insurance
  • Plane ticket to Jakarta or other Indonesian cities with stated departure date
  • Address in original country
  • Address in Indonesia (hotel or villa)
  • Personal contact details (phone number, WhatsApp number, email)
  • Emergency contact details (family members)
  • Health statement letter from Hospital or Doctor if Applicants are fit to fly
  • Covid 19 Vaccine Certificate fully Vaccine



  • Please make sure the document is proper scan by computer not by phone camera
  • Flat, Readable, Not Blur, No Shadow, No flash
  • Full page scan
  • No Finger in the document scan

Send us message via email OR phone/whatssap +628123812919 with your information or come by our office. We will arrange the Business visa for you!


Once the E Visa approval in Jakarta ready, we will send your e-Visa to your email, download and print it out, show your e-VISA to the Indonesia immigration officer upon your arrival as well with your PCR SWAB NEGATIVE Covid-19 result, then undergo the mandatory quarantine time (please always check for recent update) and enjoy the beauty of Indonesia.